Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a personal lubricant?

Using a personal lubricant makes every moment more comfortable and has the added benefit of reducing friction and making condoms safer. Our products ensure you will have the most enjoyable experience possible. Whether you're experiencing vaginal dryness, looking to add flavor, or just wanting to heat things up.


Who needs personal lubricant?

Anyone who wants to spice up their sex life! Let's face it — when it comes to sex, wetter is better. Whether you're the Queen Bee or the Honey Badger, Honey Lube's latex-safe formulas allow couples to ramp up your pleasure. You can use Honey Lube to help ease into a new sexual position, or to add heat and flavor to your sex life. Women can use Honey Lube not only as a personal lubricant, but also to help relieve vaginal dryness.


Why use Honey Lube?

Aside from the our discreet packaging, Honey Lube's secret formulas are sleek, sexy and sensual. Our long lasting, all natural lubricants provide the highest level of slipperiness and retain their lubricating property for hours, without irritating the skin or leaving residue. These paraben and glycerin free formulas don't develop a rough, gritty feeling, won't become sticky and won't stain your sheets. Our lubricants will lead you to your ultimate satisfaction.


Is Honey Lube safe for use with condoms?

Whether you choose a water based or silicone based lube, Honey Lube's formulas are latex safe (check product packaging for more info). Petroleum-based products like Vaseline, baby oil or mineral oil can break down the latex in condoms, increasing the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, moisture creams and lotions can interfere with vaginal pH levels, and can cause irritation or yeast infections. To keep sex safer and slicker, be sure to use a condom-compatible personal lube like Honey Lube.


What causes vaginal dryness?

If you have problems with personal lubrication, you're not alone! Many factors, including menopause, childbirth/nursing, menstruation, certain medications, cancer therapy, strenuous exercise and emotional stress can affect a woman's production of natural lubricants.

Life is too short for bad sex. If you're experiencing vaginal dryness, personal lubricants can help make sex wetter, more comfortable and more satisfying.


Is Honey Lube safe for use during pregnancy?

Pregnancy hormones spiking your sex drive? Use caution when getting it on. Formal studies have not been conducted to test the safety of personal lubricant use during pregnancy. Please consult your physician before using Honey Lube during pregnancy.


Is vaginal dryness a common problem?

According to health experts, 20 million women in the U.S. suffer from vaginal dryness. Over half of all women between the ages of 18 and 29 will experience vaginal dryness, as will 80% of all menopausal women. Personal lubricants like Honey Lube provide an easy, effective way to relieve the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness.


Can Honey Lube cause irritation?

Honey Lube does not contain fragrances, colorings or other ingredients that are common irritants. However, any topical product can cause irritation. If you feel that you may be sensitive to one of the ingredients, test the personal lubricant on a small patch of skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


What happens if Honey Lube is swallowed during intimate activity?

Our Honey Lubes taste great, but you shouldn't drink the bottle. That said, there's no shame in a little swallowing. Honey Lube's formulas are non-toxic, and ingesting small amounts should not be harmful. We've been asked many times and have personally done a taste test - Honey Lube goes great with toast.


What are you into?

Whether you're a little freaky or a bit more vanilla, Honey Lube has got you covered. From our top-selling water based lube to our waterproof silicone lube, we've got something for you! Whatever you're in the mood for, Honey Lube can help make it happen.